Meet The Staff

Owner/Manager: Beulah Kincaid-Screws (Licensed Funeral Director, Insurance Agent, Phillips County Deputy Coroner)

Beulah Kincaid-Screws is the founder and president of Kincaid Funeral Services, Inc. She graduated from Eliza Miller High School in West Helena, Arkansas and upon graduation she furthered her education in Arkansas and later in Detroit, Michigan. Her experience comes from more than 30 years in business ownership and management, including a background in Accounting, Real Estate Investment and as a Consultant in the Health Care Industry. She is very active in the daily operation of Kincaid Funeral Services, serving as Manager, Licensed Funeral Director, Insurance Agent and Phillips County Deputy Coroner. She has become known among our family of customers and friends for her compassion and her ability to empathize with the feelings and needs of the people she meets.

She moved from Detroit, Michigan to her home town in the Helena-West Helena area to assist her parents. After establishing an income tax business and a retail business in West Helena, Arkansas, a childhood friend who owned a funeral home convinced her to seriously consider ownership in the funeral business. She began her career in the funeral industry on May 1, 2002. Three years after the death of her friend, she decided to open Kincaid Funeral Service, Inc. in service to her community. When asked “Why a career in the funeral industry?” her reply was, “I am a people person. The professions I’ve chosen have always been those that bring me in close contact with people, so it was ironic when a childhood friend convinced me to consider owning my own funeral home. I had never thought of entering the funeral industry because the death aspect of it was all I saw. I told him that I am a people person and, by the way, I have no experience in the funeral industry. He told me it will be simple for me, just bring the same business practices and experience I gained in my prior businesses into the funeral business and I’ll be o.k. He was wrong, I later learned, it would be better than o.k. Being in the funeral business has brought me a satisfaction I never experienced in previous business ventures. Helping families when they truly need someone to treat them with the compassion and understanding that they deserve, as well as with fairness, honesty, dignity and trust, is very fulfilling to me. Each family that walks through our door is treated as if they are the only family because each family deserves our best. That’s the reason why I am very careful in choosing our staff members. Each member of our staff has a special talent he or she brings to our firm, which contributes to the many praises we continue to receive from the community as being true professionals. It is standard at Kincaid Funeral Services that with every family entrusted to us, their care is to be the first and foremost concern of each and every staff member. I feel blessed to serve people in this capacity.”

Assistant Manager: Shante' Maxwell (nee Kincaid-Screws) (Licensed Funeral Director, Insurance Agent, Website Manager, Phillips County Deputy Coroner).

Shante’ Maxwell (nee Kincaid Screws) is the assistant manager of Kincaid Funeral Services, Inc. She serves her community as a licensed Funeral Director, Insurance Agent and as a Deputy Coroner for Phillips County, Arkansas since January 2005.

Shante’ received her primary education at private schools in Detroit, Michigan and attended high school at Renaissance High, a public college preparatory high school in Detroit. After her family relocated to Arkansas, she completed her high school education at Central High in Helena-West Helena, where she graduated in the top 10 of her class in 1996. She received her college education at Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas in Helena and through satellite courses offered there by several campuses in the University of Arkansas system. When asked why and how she entered the funeral industry she said, “I never would’ve gotten into this on my own. It really was just to help my mother out. Several years ago she was called on to manage another funeral home and needed some reliable help in the office that didn’t have to be trained because her load was heavy. I had no intentions of getting involved in the actual business of funeral arranging or funeral directing, but as I started interacting with the people more and more, I found out how fulfilling it can be. Since I do know what it’s like to go through losing someone you love and having to plan a funeral for them, it felt good to be able to be there for people when they need it. Somewhere down the line, taking care of “our families” became personal to me. It was kind of like I made it my duty to make sure the deceased and their family are well taken care of and to see to it that they’re not taken advantage of during this time so now, several years later, here I am.”

Theodore Eldridge Jr.:  Licensed Funeral Director, Musician - Helena/West Helena, Arkansas

Theodore Eldridge, Jr. is a Funeral Director for Kincaid Funeral Services and a musician. His instruments of choice are the organ and piano. He began playing in church at the age of 7 and has played with national, as well as state and local gospel artists over the years. He also spent time as Band Director of a gospel choir and currently as a band member of a recently signed gospel group. His experience in the funeral industry dates back to 1995 in Gary, Indiana and he has been with our staff-family since 2006.

Theodore Eldridge, Jr. is a Helena-West Helena area native of the Southland Community and a graduate of Central High School’s class of 1992 in West Helena. He attended college at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Transportation Management in 1996. After graduation he traveled many states and gained experience in his interests while working in Arkansas, Alabama, Virginia and Texas. When asked why he chose to work with us, he explained that it was because of Ms. Beulah’s “vision” (Founder & President of Kincaid Services, Inc.) “She plans to do things to positively impact the delta economically and help contribute to our community, not just her business. That’s what I’ve wanted to do, so when she told me about her vision, I decided to do all I could to help.” True to his word, on many occasions, Theo sacrifices himself for the benefit of our customers in ways that tend to go unnoticed by most but have a definite impact and serves as a tremendous help. His calm demeanor and mild temper often helps us to keep it all in perspective when things get hectic. This, along with his volunteer spirit, warm personality, work ethic and constant eye toward the future, makes him invaluable to us and most importantly, adds to the quality of service we are able to give to our family of customers.

Miles Kimble: Licensed Funeral Director, Assistant Manager - Forrest City

Miles Kimble is the Assistant Manager at Kincaid Funeral Services, Inc.'s Forrest City Firm and is also an apprentice embalmer and specialist in cosmetizing. Miles is a 2006 graduate of Forrest City High School. During high school he worked part time at funeral homes and developed a dedication to this field. Over time he has built many friendships in the industry and with customers he's served. He is very enthusiastic, conscientious and gifted in his work as a student embalmer. He receives high praises from the licensed embalmers he apprentices with, as well as from our customers, for his work with the deceased and his presentation skills.

When we asked Miles why he chose to pursue a career in the funeral industry he stated that he views his work in the funeral industry "not only as a job, but also as a ministry." Because of his dedication to this field, we are sure that Miles has a bright, successful future ahead of him.

Earnest Larry: Licensed Funeral Director, Phillips County Coroner - 19 years

Leon Parker: Licensed Funeral Director

Leon Parker is a licensed Funeral Director for Kincaid Funeral Services, Inc. He also serves his community as a Deputy Sheriff and he has been a Deputy Coroner in Phillips County, Arkansas since 2005. Leon was a Helena Police Officer from 1987 until the Helena-West Helena city consolidation in 2006 and has been in the funeral industry for 27 years. He attended school in the Barton, Arkansas school district and has been a lifelong resident of Phillips County.

Leon began his career in the funeral industry in 1981 when he was invited by friends of his to become a staff-member at their funeral home. When asked why he accepted that invitation, without having been involved in that type of work beforehand, all he said was: “They needed help.” It was just that simple; and we are not at all surprised.  That short statement is a true reflection of his self-sacrificing spirit. We can always count on Leon. Whatever the task, day or night, no matter how often we call; he is there, ready and willing to get the job done.

 Reverend Von Daniels: Licensed Funeral Director

Reverend Von Daniels is a 2002 graduate of Texas High School in Texarkana, Texas and the University of Central Arkansas. He currently holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology with a Minor in Family Consumer Science and a Master of Ministry in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. He has over 4 years of experience working with the public and individual family groups to achieve their spiritual, emotional and social goals in life. He has counseled individuals with drug addictions, mental disabilities and those who have lost loved ones for over 3 years. He serves his community as Pastor of a church in Texarkana and has been a part of our staff-family since 2009. When asked why he chose Kincaid Funeral Services as an outlet to expand his service to the community during their time of grief, he stated: The professionalism, passion and proven ability to serve the needs of the community is what inspired me to work for Kincaid Funeral Services, Inc. I know that the staff at Kincaid Funeral Services are some of the best in the industry and that is what enables Kincaid Funeral Services to treat every family like family.

Eugene Handley: Account Executive-West Helena, Phillips County Deputy Coroner

Eugene Handley is an account executive for Kincaid Funeral Services in West Helena, AR and also serves his community as a Deputy Coroner for Phillips County, Arkansas and Treasurer of a youth outreach program. He holds several certifications by the State of Arkansas for performing specific duties relating to his office as Deputy Coroner and has been in the funeral industry since 1982. He attended school in the Chicago, Illinois and Lakeview, Arkansas school systems respectively, and at Phillips County Community College.

The death and burial of his mother is what interested him in the funeral industry. “After the burial of my mother I became interested in the profession. I started work soon after and enjoyed the experience very much. I developed a relationship with the owners and staff at Kincaid Funeral Services several years later and felt very comfortable and at home with them. I am looking forward to seeing the things they have planned for the future.”

Timothy Hicks: Insurance Agent

T.G. James Kincaid: Account Executive - Lexa

T.G. James Kincaid serves his community as an Account Executive for Kincaid Funeral Services, Inc. He is a local contact for persons in Lexa, Arkansas, his home town. After spending many years away in California, Germany and in Michigan, he recently returned to Lexa to settle there, making it his home once again. You will find him on many occasions at the funeral home greeting people with a smile and helping our customers feel at home and at ease with friendly conversation.

Jessie Powell: Account Executive - Marvell, AR

Elder Kim L. Smith: Account Executive - Phillips County, Arkansas

Evetta Whitby: Account Executive - Forrest City, Arkansas

Evetta Whitby is an Account Executive for Kincaid Funeral Services in Forrest City, AR. She also serves her community as a board member of a youth outreach program and a Volunteer Director for a charity program. She is a graduate of Forrest City High School and East Arkansas Community College with a degree in Criminal Justice. Evetta is a faithful, family oriented, spiritual-minded person, qualities that no doubt motivate the friendly, loving, and understanding personality she brings to our customers and that endeared her to our staff-family. Evetta is also very thoughtful and always looking for ways to help. We believe she is another contributing factor toward the loving atmosphere and the thoughtful service we are able to supply to our customers. She has been a member of our staff-family since 2006.

We asked Evetta why she decided to enter the funeral industry and why she chose to do so with our company, considering the fact that there are so many others to choose from. She said she entered the funeral industry because of her interest in relieving the burdens of bereaved families and her desire to use “the gift of compassion” that she has been given to the full. “I chose to work with Kincaid Funeral Services because of the experience the funeral home has. Kincaid Funeral Services believes in treating every family like their own family with fairness, honesty, dignity, trust and faithfulness, not only toward the bereaved family but toward the staff as well. When I enter into the workplace there, I enter into peace, grace and God’s perfect order in the office’s atmosphere. Kincaid’s staff is one that has accepted the gift that God has deposited there and we do not take it lightly. We commit to giving responsibly and doing our job respectfully.”

Brenda Hughes: Vocalist, Executive Secretary

Floyd Dunlap:  Keyboardist, Director's Assistant

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